What is the Advantage of Investing in a New Custom Home?

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With the current abundance of existing homes on the market, what would be the advantage of investing in a new custom home? ~ Carolyn

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  1. Bruce Blok Bruce Blok says:

    A good question! It is tempting to look only at the price as there are some good deals in used homes right now, but there are many reasons to consider building your own dream home.

    One major advantage in building a custom home is that you get a completed home that ideally meets your needs, both in terms of function and quality. Today most spec homes are built using “builders grade” products in order to minimize cost and maximize profits for both the builder and real estate agent. As a result, the new home owner winds up purchasing a home that has lower end products installed that have a short life expectancy. Even if you sign a purchase and sales agreement for a to-be-built new home in a development, you are frequently limited in style, layout, and features.

    When building a custom home, you can choose the location, home style, flooring and cabinet selections, in fact, virtually every feature and product of the home is for you to decide on. In the long run, this almost always represents a better value.

    Buying a home is the most important purchase you are likely to make during your lifetime. When you build a custom home you feel true ownership; that the house is truly and completely yours and like no other. From basic functionality to suit your family’s lifestyle, to each of the individual design choices, it is yours to appreciate for a lifetime.

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