Three Keys to Planning

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Bruce Blok

An interesting way to look at any new construction project is the idea that there are three main factors involved. They are PRICE, SIZE, and FINISHES. When planning a new home or remodel only two of these can be fixed. The third will always be a variable determined by the other two.


  • PRICE is your budget. How much do you want or are able to spend?
  • SIZE is the square footage of you project. What size does your home need to be? How large is the garage? Driveway, patios/decks?
  • FINISHES are the features that make up your home. These include obvious items like flooring, lighting, fireplaces, cabinets, windows, etc. Some less obvious items might be the mechanical systems, insulation, and importantly, also includes the architectural style and complexity of the home.

You can choose two of these factors and the third will be determined by the other two. For example, if you have a budget of $350,000 (price) and want 2500 square feet of finished space (size), then you will need to be flexible on the finishes to meet the other two fixed numbers.  Or say you want 3500 square feet (size) and would like a certain level of high end finishes, then the third factor (price) will be determined by your other requirements.


You the homeowner will need to choose the combination of factors that are most important to you. Then we as the design and construction team will use these priorities to design and build your dream home. There are a lot of decisions to make in planning and building a new home. Keeping this simple principle in mind will help that process.

Bruce Blok

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  1. Peter Cook says:

    Thanks for the great article Bruce…this is such a simple concept and yet so true. Very helpful! Thanks again!!

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