Technology in the Home Building Process

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Bruce Blok

The proliferation of smart phones and tablets has impacted all of our lives in many ways. One of the most exciting in the residential construction arena is the way projects, information, and communications can be managed via web based project management systems.

Although modern project management systems will have too many features to describe, the best combine communications, selections, schedule, budget, photos and files that are needed to manage even the most complex projects.  This is very simple to use for the client – communications are grouped by subject and easily located, selection options can be listed with pricing and other info, and selections are recorded and immediately show the effect on the budget.

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For the builder, this makes it much easier to respond to and track communications with clients, designers, and other team members.  Crew members on the jobsite have immediate access to selections, specifications, comments and requests by the home owners, and other information. Subcontractors can also be given access to selection, specification, and scheduling information as needed.

Communication is a huge part of any custom building project. We have found clients feel much more confident and comfortable being able to access all of the project info and easily communicate, even if they are traveling or live elsewhere.  We are excited to have another tool to use in making the building process more enjoyable for the clients and the entire construction team!

Bruce Blok

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