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Andy Northey

Did you ever make s’mores in the microwave as a kid, because you just had to have one? Well I did, ALL the time. I settled for the microwave version because we didn’t have things like fire pits back in the good old days, and no one was going to make a fire for a 7 year old kid. These days there are fire pits of all types; permanent outdoor fireplace, campfire-style fire pits, fire pit tables, the options are numerous these days. To help you decide what fire pit will suit your lifestyle here is a breakdown of the most common ones you will come across.

Fire Pit Tables


Fire pit tables that you find in stores generally come in the portable form. These types of fire pits are quite common, I’m sure you’ve all seen some very nice ones that you have “ooh’ed and ahh’ed” over in the stores! I know I have. These are really great because you can move them around with the furniture as they are not in a permanent location. If you’re anything like me, I get tired of the location of my furniture after a period of time and I need a change of scenery, so with these portable fire pit tables you are able to do just that.


However, a variation of this is a more permanent fire pit table – a literal table. You can eat at this fire pit table. As with the portable ones, these are mostly gas fire pits, although you may be able to find wood ones as well.  Just be careful how high you turn up the gas if you’re eating there, you don’t want to scare off your guests! If you’re looking into a table of this nature, a screening hedge would work wonders for blocking the wind. This would also be a great table for those who want to enjoy winter in their outdoor kitchen!

Outdoor Fireplace


An outdoor fireplace is a great permanent addition to any outdoor living area. They come in different shapes, sizes, finishes…anything that you can dream up, you can have designed. These fireplaces come in wood burning and gas. They are great under covered patios, especially to enjoy in the cooler season. A screening hedge around the backside of this fireplace would serve to block the wind and keep you and your guest warmer. In the summer months this would still be a great place to sit around and enjoy friends and family, and even roast some s’mores!


Campfire Fire Pit


A campfire fire pit can be a simple or it can become a bit more elaborate. A simple campfire style fire pit would consist of large rocks or boulders surrounding a pit, set up like the above photo. These are generally permanent features, however later can be filled in. These are a great option for those who want the style of a camp fire, but who also want to incorporate some elegant details.


Another type of campfire fire pit is a recessed fire pit. A recessed fire pit is where the pit is dug into the ground, surrounded by brick or stone, and then layered with gravel. To top off the fire pit you can lay flagstone, pavers, more brick –  whatever you may want that will resist flame and heat. There are many different design ideas for the recessed fire pit, and for the campfire fire pit.  It’s really about imagination and creativity and what will fit your sense of style and your budget.

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