Luxury Vinyl Tile – the next great thing in flooring!

Debbie Wenke

Do you love the look and function of ceramic tile, but are concerned about how cold and unforgiving it can be?  Then you should check out the new Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) available from many manufacturers including Mannington, Armstrong & Mohawk.

Luxury Vinyl Tile gives you the look you love, but is more cost-effective, has a warmer feel to the touch and a softer feel underfoot – something you’ll really appreciate in kitchens and bathrooms where you spend a lot of time on your feet!


LVT is visually stunning, available with the look of natural stone or tile, and most styles have the option of being grouted for a true tile look.  Additionally, plank wood looks are another great option for areas where you want wood, but are concerned about moisture, like bathroom floors.

Cost savings from less expensive underlayment materials and easier installation can range anywhere from 15-30%.  Additionally, vinyl is easier to clean, more resistant to cracking and lighter in weight – making it a versatile option for any area of the house.

Not all projects will work with vinyl tile, showers, tubs and outdoor applications are some notable exceptions, but for floors where budget and ease of installation are concerns, LVT is a great option to consider!



LVT is taking the flooring market by storm, but buyers should beware of what they buy and where it is from.  Because of its popularity, many unknown vendors are beginning to pop up, offering inferior products at lower prices in order to be competitive.  Your best bet is to consult a local flooring retailer.  Their experience will go a long way to keep you from wasting time and money on a sub-par product, and will help you find the perfect product to finish your home!

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  1. Andy Northey Andy Northey says:

    I just had Deb and her crew install some LVT into my bathroom at our office and it turned out great. Thanks Deb

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