How Many Different Kinds of Flooring Can Fit in One Room?

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We are planning some renovations for our home that we have already begun renovating. We recently put in new carpet, tile in our kitchen, and a large tile in our entry way. Our living room and dining room are connected and we need to replace that carpet. We love the look of hard wood but are wondering if four different floorings are too much for one open concept level? ~ Ashley

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  1. Debbie Wenke Debbie Wenke says:

    Thanks for your question! There is no set rule for how many kinds of flooring “should” be combined. It’s always good to make sure your home has a cohesive feel and too many different things can fight that. I’ve seen four different floorings come together beautifully, and I’ve also seen it go terribly wrong. Variables like where transitions happen and how large they are can determine what works and what doesn’t. Our suggestion is to have a flooring expert come take a look. They will be able to explain where and how transitions will take place, or offer solutions to give your home the cohesive feel you desire.

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