We are considering building a house next year…What do we need to do to get started?

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Please advise!

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  1. sroberts sroberts says:

    “where do we start the building process” is a loaded question in my opinion. It’s similar to the question of what color carpeting should I choose. The answer depends on many variables.(paint color, room size, what are you using the room for, furniture color)

    Some people have a general idea about what they can afford others don’t. For certain individuals it might be good to visit a loan officer first to see what exactly they can afford up front.

    I am a builder, so my initial response would be to recommend searching out a builder next. Most of the time your builder will come recommended from a coworker or you might have a family member that has built a home before and could share their experience. I believe you should search out a builder that you feel comfortable with. You will be investing a fair amount of money in this home and having the confidence and trust in the builder you choose up front plays an important role in the success of your final product.

    Every builder has different ways of proceeding through the process of building. If you choose 3 different builders to interview you may find that one has an in house designer. The other may recommend someone that he or she works with to design homes. You may already have a print and you need to find out if the builder is willing to work with your design.

    Starting the process of building a home also includes questions such has: do you have land?, when do you want to build?, what do you want to build?, does building fit into your time schedule of when you need to move?, how much will it cost?, how do I obtain financing. All these questions can be partially answered or you can be directed to someone that can help you when you contact a local builder. If your family or friends don’t have a builder they know of to contact, look to your local Home Builders Association for contacts or go online to seek out reviews.

    Then you start working through the process of building your home.

  2. Peter Cook says:


    Great points and very informative article…a few questions that come to mind from your comments:

    1. Should we purchase a lot/land BEFORE connecting with a builder or AFTER?

    2. Is there any new guidelines for financing that have been initiated because of the real estate/financing problems that we had a few years ago?

    Thanks for your help!

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